Violence Surge in Iraq Kills at Least 40

October 11 08:45 2005 Print This Article

This is gonna be a rough week

BAGHDAD, October 11 – The week started off with a bang today in Iraq. This Saturday is the day of the national referendum in which the constitutional draft is up for approval. Insurgents are doing everything in their power to disrupt this referendum by spreading chaos and mayhem throughout the country.

The biggest attack occurred in Tal Afar, a town north of Baghdad. The local market was hit by a suicide bomber who took 30 citizens into certain death and wounded over 40 others. The attack occurred at 11AM local time while everyone came out to do their daily shopping needs. No U.S. or Iraqi forces were harmed during this attack.

In Baghdad a series of attacks led to 14 deaths and over 29 casualties. The capital was struck hard by at least two suicide bombs, three roadside bombs and four drive-by shootings. It seems as though the insurgents are resorting to anything they can think of to disrupt the public life and keep the citizens living in fear.

The referendum this weekend is very important as it will be the guideline for a democratic constitution for Iraq. Shiites and Kurds were the major parties in this draft and thus the Sunnis have been left out of the deal, the Sunni population now fears that the Shiites and Kurds will divide the oil-rich lands in the north and south of Iraq leaving them with the center and west of the country, which holds almost no oil.

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