Dozens Die at Bombing Near Baghdad

July 17 08:23 2005 Print This Article

Hellish fire consumes at least 54 people

BAGHDAD, 17 July – The worst terror attack in Iraq since February wounds at least 80 people and kills over 50 people. A suicide bomber detonated a bomb near a Shiite mosque setting off a tanker truck near a gas station which created an enormous fireball. The explosion struck a crowded marketplace where a lot of families did their shopping while the worst heat of the day disappeared.

The bomb even damaged homes located at least half a mile away from the scene. The unknown terrorist struck at 8PM in Musayyib, located about 35 miles south from Baghdad. This part is as good as lawless and often referred to as the “triangle of death”.

The mosque was especially busy since crowds came together for the evening prayer, local police said the scene looked like a pure hell. Houses nearby went up in flames immediately and body parts were scattered all over the place.

Medical facilities could not harness the large amount of wounded Iraqi’s as most of the wounded were critically burnt. Some of the wounded were being transported to Hilla and Karbala, trying to spread the load as much as possible. This week has been horrendous as over 100 Iraqi’s have died in insurgent attacks.

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