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White House Critisizes Bill On Stem Cells

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

A bill that would loosen the restrictions on stem cell research and funding was today critisized as being “morally troubling” by the White House.

This legislation, which is set to be debated later Tuesday, would overturn President Bush’s 2001 policy which allowed funding for only 78 embryonic stem cell lines that were in existance as of August 2001.

Sponsored by Delware Republican Mike Castle and Colorado Democrat Diana DeGette, this would allow for government funding of more than just the 78 by including embryonic cells from embryos that would otherwise be discarded by fertility clinics.

It is hoped, advocates say, that stem cell research will bring about breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and some forms of cancer. Proponents also indicate that because the embryos used would be destroyed anyway that there is no abortion issue within this legislation.

Opponents, however, believe that the destruction of an embryo for its stem cells is nothing short of abortion and some claim it could lead to human cloning.

While the Castle-DeGette measure is not expected to garner enough votes to override a presidential veto, it is an important benchmark for changing Bush policies, especially among Republicans who don’t always feel the need to support Bush.

More than 100 new cell lines worldwide have been created since Bush’s 2001 decision, and proponents say those need further study in the search for cures.

Stem cells are cells that have not yet been “assigned” to certain parts of the body. They can transform into many other types of cells, which offers regenerative potential for damaged organs or tissue.

Laptop Dancers Healthier than Laptops.

Friday, April 22nd, 2005

Laptop computers damage your fertility.
I’ve never been needed to be convinced otherwise but its official.Having a nice pretty girl dancing on your lap is better for your sexual well being than having a nice pretty laptop computer.
A study carried out by the State University of New York suggests that laptop computers may be have adverse effects on sperm production.

A combination of heat generated from the computer’s components and the sitting position one usually adopts when using a laptop will significantly increase scrotal temperatures. As healthy sperm need a constant temperature just below body temperature to survive and thrive, the recent popularity of laptop computers has given cause for concern.

Dr. Fady Sharara, reproductive endocrinologist and medical director of the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine explained that the use of a laptop computer means the legs are being kept together, trapping the scrotum and elevating scrotal temperatures. This, in combination with the direct localized heat coming from the computer itself could have significant long-term affects on a male’s fertility. Although the changes could be reversible, repeated exposure of the scrotum to heat could cause permanent damage.

Dr. Sharara has also stated that cell phones have been connected with male fertility problems. Even in standby mode, the radiation from cell phones can decrease them number of healthy sperm. Those who carry their cell phones in their hip pockets or on a belt holster are at high risk due to the phone being carried close to the groin. Dr. Sharara suggests that men who must carry cell phones carry them in their briefcases instead.

It would seem that those with careers requiring the use of computers and cell phones are now least likely to become fathers. So while busy entrepreneurs are tapping away at their keyboards or making those important business calls, maybe they should stop for a moment and ask themselves: “Who’s going to inherit this lot from me?” Probably not their own children if the affects are as serious as research suggests.

To help alleviate the problem, Dr. Sharara advises men to get up and walk around for a few minutes at least every hour in order to allow the scrotal area to cool down.

If this trend continues it probably won’t be long before pinstriped pyjama bottoms are the height of fashion amongst high-flying executive types!

Doctors give up on ill boy.

Monday, March 28th, 2005

A nine-year-old boy in Fiji is awaiting death on his bed after doctors sent him home because nothing could be done for him about a growing tumour on his lower back.
A visiting neuro-surgical team from Australia, after assessment and medical investigation said Jone Tukanas tumour could not be operated on and they have also advised against a overseas referral.
When the Fiji times visited Jone at his home in Valelevu, he was laid sprawled across the floor with a huge swelling on his lower left back.The swelling, the size of a soccer ball, was heavily plastered to stop the pus and liquid, which continued to oooze out of a open surgery wound .
The boys Father, Josateki Lenisaurua said his son was admitted to the children’s ward at the hospital but had been sent home by the doctors because nothing could be done on his condition.Despite his painful condition, Jone showed no signs of self pity.His parents say that Jone was a strong boy who was always playful like any other boy his age.

Mercury Pollution and Autism Linked

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

It has been reported of the link between vaccinations and autism, including a special report it published by Dr. Russell Blaylock.See also Birth Defects caused by Workplace and Chemical exposure.

Blaylock claims that many vaccines include toxic mercury.

More evidence of a mercury-autism connection: University of Texas researcher Claudia Miller says data indicate that mercury released mostly from coal-fired power plants may be boosting the cases of autism.

Reuters reports that Miller’s study found the incident of autism — a complex developmental disability that affects an individual in the areas of social interaction and communication — has risen dramatically in Texas counties where mercury emissions also rose.

Hundreds of coal-fired plants release about 48 tons of mercury into the air each year in the U.S.

“The main finding is that for every thousand pounds of environmentally released mercury, we saw a 17 percent increase in autism rates,” said Miller. “The study shows that there may be a very important connection between environmental exposure to mercury and the development of autism.”

“Now we think that due to the rising exposures to pollutants like mercury, they may be at the root of some of these cases,” she said.