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Steroid Legislation Set for House Committee

New legislation set to be presented before House committee Thursday would set new drug-testing policy for professional sports. The NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball would have to test

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FDA ban on Ephredra lifted.

In a surprise move, a Federal judge has overturned the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ban on ephedra, a weight loss dietary supplement that was purported to be mainly responsible

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Augusta National Woman’s Lament

WHAT A LOAD OF BALLS! Sharon Jacobsen When it comes to the US Masters, one thing’s certain – whoever dons the Green Jacket this year won’t be a woman! What

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AUGUSTA : Treading Hallowed Turf

AUGUSTA NATIONAL turns into one of the world’s great sporting shrines every April. We all know about the quality of the golf, but the experience for the visitor is out

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Wrestling Shoot Gallery

By EvilHun129 They say Professional Wrestling these days is on a downtrend. Well, that’s just dandy, because that’s when it gets good! I love it when the doomsayers come out

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Pigskins, Laces & Pucks

So now it has become clear to even the people with their heads in the sand(the pollies) that drugs and steriods are rife in Sport.Its a bit shallow to condemn

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