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The News Insider Mission

Clarity is one of the many things that the brave new electronic universe has so far failed to deliver. The superabundance of information delivered daily through the Internet means that making sense of the world becomes a more multiplexed, a more complex, a more laborious task for those of us interested in detail.

To make things worse, the Internet and its users have so far been unable to seriously challenge the oligopolistic multinational news conglomerates that largely determine what we do and do not know about global developments. Each day hundreds of news stories of vital importance are squeezed out of the mainstream media headlines by narrow-minded editors. Even more news leads are systematically under-reported to make room for celebrity melodramas and tabloid sensationalism.

Here at the News Insider our aim is to bring back to the headlines those news stories and leads that are either under-reported, or even totally absent, from the mainstream news media. We strive to be the precision lense through which small print news gets magnified on a daily basis.

We do this by collecting news items from a variety of sources, which we think shed light on global developments. Sometimes we elaborate by producing short analyses, which bring together the various news items relating to a particular story, or subject.

This site is free. It is not driven by profit, or by other narrow-minded aspirations. Rather, it is driven by the will of a few individuals to share their interests in a constructive and creative way.
Thank you for visiting the News Insider. And do feel free to communicate with us.

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