Doctors give up on ill boy.

by Writer Team | March 28, 2005 9:16 pm

A nine-year-old boy in Fiji is awaiting death on his bed after doctors sent him home because nothing could be done for him about a growing tumour on his lower back.
A visiting neuro-surgical team from Australia, after assessment and medical investigation said Jone Tukanas tumour could not be operated on and they have also advised against a overseas referral.
When the Fiji times visited Jone at his home in Valelevu, he was laid sprawled across the floor with a huge swelling on his lower left back.The swelling, the size of a soccer ball, was heavily plastered to stop the pus and liquid, which continued to oooze out of a open surgery wound .
The boys Father, Josateki Lenisaurua said his son was admitted to the children’s ward at the hospital but had been sent home by the doctors because nothing could be done on his condition.Despite his painful condition, Jone showed no signs of self pity.His parents say that Jone was a strong boy who was always playful like any other boy his age.

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