Bird Flu Develops Resistance Against Tamiflu

by Writer Team | December 22, 2005 5:31 pm

GENEVA, December 22 – In a very alarming development recent research shows that the dreaded H5N1 virus is developing into a Tamiflu-resistant form. This could mean that the stockpile most nations are accumulating might be useless in the battle against the avian influenza.

The incident happened in Vietnam where four out of eight hospitalized patients died after receiving Tamiflu treatment. Further research established that two of the victims were treated to late but the other two were treated correctly and the treatment did not work. Research shows that the specific strain was resistant to the Tamiflu drug normally used to cure victims.

Health experts agree that more research has to be done to establish the most efficient dosage and treatment period. Using too small dosage or to short of a treatment might even benefit the resistance of the H5N1 virus against Tamiflu. The WHO meanwhile warned that nobody should be alarmed by this development, yet there is no reason not too. Of course we need more research but the fact that a resistance has been developed against our best defense for the bird flu is a very worrying message.

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