Investigation into Alleged Presidential Order to Spy Illegally

by Writer Team | December 16, 2005 1:50 pm

WASHINGTON, December 16 – Once again President Bush finds himself in troubled waters. Senator Specter announced today that the Judiciary Committee will look into the reports which indicate that Bush has given instructions to spy on U.S. citizens and foreign individuals in the U.S. without any legal grounds.

The New York Times published the existence of this report not long ago after having spoken to a dozen government officials who all confirmed the facts. The presidential order is alleged to have granted the National Security Agency to monitor phone and e-mail messages of certain individuals. These individuals were all suspected to be involved with terrorist activity but the order to spy on them was given without any legal grounds or justification.

Possibly thousands were monitored this way, some with success but nonetheless all without any judicial approval. Normally the NSA needs court orders to allow eavesdropping on any individual.

Condoleezza Rice reacted in a NBC show today declining comment to the actual report but saying that President Bush would never order anyone to do something that is illegal. This is of course expected from someone on the Bush administration, most are known for their lack of knowledge and sense for the truth.

The Judiciary Committee will begin investigating the claims in 2006, the item has a very high priority on their list but there is no clarity on when exactly they will get around to it.

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