Another Day of Violence Demands 48 Lives in Iraq

by Writer Team | November 19, 2005 1:15 pm

BAGHDAD, November 19 – Yet another day of suicide attacks filled the news in Iraq. After the terrible attacks in northeast Iraq yesterday which demanded over 80 deaths another 48 could be added to the list today.

The deadliest attack occurred again northeast of Baghdad, yet a little close, only 40 miles away. In Abu Sayda, near Baquba, 35 people were killed when a suicide bomber pulled up in his vehicle next to a condolence tent at a funeral. The funeral was for a Shiite tribal sheikh, the condolence tent is traditional in the Iraqi culture and means that there were a lot of people present at the time of the attack. More than 50 people were wounded.

In a smaller attack earlier on the morning 13 people were killed as a suicide car bomber pulled up next to a busy market. At least 20 people were wounded in this attack which occurred just outside of Baghdad in Diyala Bridge.

The attacks come at a crucial time, political parties are preparing heavily for the elections on December 15th. Meanwhile President Bush announced, ironically, that the war in Iraq is progressing and that the war on terror will never end.

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