Nothing is Sure Yet in the Alito Nomination

by Writer Team | November 13, 2005 6:17 pm

WASHINGTON, November 13 – The new nominee for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito, will not get such an easy pass as Roberts got. Democrats are silently but diligently forming a strategy to face the confirmation hearings which will begin in January.

There is much concern over what would happen if Alito were to be a part of the Supreme Court. Although he is working hard to reassure moderate Democrats and is trying to get them on his side many are still weary of his views and opinions. Alito stated that he values precedents greatly, even specifically Roe v. Wade, but that still does not give any guarantees. Respect and value for precedents does not mean that he will not go his own way when he is faced with the opportunity.

One past ruling when he was a part of the federal appeals court is still hunting him. He voted to uphold a Pennsylvania law that required women to inform their husbands before having an abortion. Many believe that this could be an indication that he is anti-abortion.

Needless to say this is one of the most important battles of the last decade. Confirmation could mean a swift and lengthy deterioration of civil rights, liberties and protection. The Democratic Party needs to act decisively and accurately if they want to win over the voters for coming elections.

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