Everlasting Battle Between Evolution and Creationism

by Writer Team | November 6, 2005 4:28 pm

HARRISBURG PA, November 6 – The epic battle between the evolution theory and creationism has struck in Pennsylvania where a federal judge is now weighing arguments from both sides on this matter.

The Dover Area School District changed their policy early last year to also include the theory of intelligent design into the education. This majority decision of six against three votes has turned into a battle ever since. The schoolbooks now include a statement which points out that the evolution theory of Darwin is just a theory and has unexplainable gaps. It furthermore refers to books on creationism for further information.

The legal representative of the opposing families blatantly stated that this policy change is simply the board’s desire to teach creationism next to evolution. He also noted that intelligent design is simply a scientific cover for creationism, which boils down to the story of The Bible.

The defense concluded their arguments with a testimony by microbiology professor Scott Minnich of the Idaho University who stated that intelligent design is a much overlooked theory and goes against the consensus in the world of empirical research. Science is not a democratic process though, and this theory is just as likely as the evolution theory.

Even President Bush added to the battle by stating that he believes both theories should be taught in school to keep an healthy balance.

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