Seven More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq by Roadside Bombs

by Writer Team | November 1, 2005 11:50 am

BAGHDAD, November 1 – Iraqi insurgents seem to get more skilled and skilled at making roadside bombs as this way of attacking the invading troops takes the leading spot for causes of U.S. casualties. In October a total of 92 U.S. soldiers found certain death, a large portion of them by the dreaded roadside bombs.

U.S. military announced on Monday that seven U.S. soldiers were killed in such attacks over the last two days. Four soldiers were killed in Yusifiya when they hit a roadside bomb, then two more soldiers died in a similar situation in Balad, just 50 miles north of Baghdad. On Sunday one Marine was killed by a roadside bomb in Amiriya, which lies southwest of Iraq’s capital.

Basra was the scene of a violent car bomb attack on Monday when an insurgent parked his explosive-filled car behind a police car in front of a restaurant. The massive explosion and shrapnel-rain led to the deaths of 13 people and another 55 were killed. Among the victims were many police officers, at least four were killed among the 13 total.

The U.S. military is increasing their efforts to disrupt the fabrication of roadside bombs and claim they’re getting increasingly successful at it. For now it is still almost impossible to detect such bombs and the rate at which they are advancing is astonishing.

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