D-day Arrives as Iraqi’s Head Out to Vote

by Writer Team | October 15, 2005 12:41 pm

City covered in darkness hours before the referendum

BAGHDAD, October 15 – Today is a historical day for the nation of Iraq. The day of the referendum which will decide whether the constitutional draft will be approved has started and many Iraqi’s headed out to the various polling stations throughout the nation.

The evening before the referendum started in almost total darkness. Insurgents struck their last big blow before the referendum by attacking the main powerline to Iraq. More than 70% of the city was covered in darkness with only a few “bright” spots breaking the black skyline. One of the main towers of the powerline was struck by what seemed to be a rocket attack. In other insurgent attacks four polling stations were struck by attacks yet no casualties have been reported yet.

Most parties agree that this constitution is only a temporary solution. Vital matters are still to be discussed, like the oil riches the country contains and the influence of the Islam on the law and political system. Shiites and Kurds will likely approve the draft but the Sunnis have been largely advised to vote against it. It is possible that they will overturn this draft and thus evaporate all the efforts that have been made to compose this constitution.

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