Sunni Insurgents Target Sunni Party Office

by Writer Team | October 14, 2005 9:54 am

Have they gone mad?

BAGHDAD, October 14 – After the extremely last-minute deal with the Sunni Party by the National Assembly on Wednesday night, the insurgents have now turned against their own political party. Some slight changes were introduced into the constitutional draft to sway the Sunni Party into backing the plan and voting “yes” on Saturday.

This drop of the opposition against the constitutional draft is seen as betrayal by many Sunnis. The leader of the party is now seen as a betrayer and many Sunnis marched to the head office of the party today to demonstrate against this, in their eyes, treacherous move. Early in the morning the house of the main cleric of the party was struck by a grenade but no one was harmed by this. Later the party’s office in Baghdad was struck by a bomb and in Falluja the head office was set on fire by a raging crowd.

In Baghdad near one of the soon-to-be polling stations four civilians were wounded by a roadside bomb. In Kirkuk at the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party a car bomb was detonated wounding five civilians.

All morning clerics at mosques all over the country have urged Sunnis to vote “no” on Saturday. The constitutional draft is viewed upon as a document written by foreign hands and should not be approved in any way.

It is expected that tomorrow will be the worst day in the string of attacks. It is likely that insurgents are preparing to strike polling stations all over the nation to disrupt the referendum.

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