Vaccine Found to Block Cervical Cancer

by Writer Team | October 7, 2005 8:57 am

Huge medical breakthrough

SEATTLE, October 7 – The pharmaceutical company Merck Inc. has completed trials of a new vaccine to battle cervical cancer. The unbelievable results of the trials showed that 100% of the major strains of cancer were blocked by this vaccine. Cervical cancer is a disease that kills about 250,000 women a year worldwide. U.S. numbers are much lower since the screening for this disease is very thorough yet in other countries this disease is still leading the charts for killing women.

The vaccine is called Gardasil and immunizes the human body to the human papilloma virus, in short HPV. Merck Inc. is looking to get the vaccine approved by the FDA before the end of the year and if successful they will start marketing the product next year. The trials were held among 12,000 women and succeeded in every single case. It is likely that young girls and boys, probably under the age of 12, will be vaccinated with this new product. It is imperative that they are vaccinated before they become sexual active because that is the time when they become potential hosts for the virus.

Medical specialists all over the world are applauding for this tremendous breakthrough which was much needed to reduce the worldwide fatality rate for this awful disease. The number one treatment for cervical cancer is hysterectomy, which has a 92% success rate, slightly lower than the new vaccine if it is administered before the virus enters the body.

An earlier version of this specific vaccine was already successfully tested on 1,500 women yet the manufacturer developed this advanced version which stops four strains of HPV, instead of just one in the earlier version.

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