Anti-War Rally Washington Draws Huge Audience

by Writer Team | September 26, 2005 9:36 am

Can’t say the same for the opposing rally

WASHINGTON, September 26 – The anti-war rally in Washington on Saturday was a big success. At least 100,000 people came to oppose the war in Iraq and get their voices heard as the crowd gathered near the White House. The rally was held at the west side of the National Mall and Cindy Sheehan, the vigilante who camped outside of Bush’s ranch in Texas, took stage briefly to address the crowd.

She spoke harsh words to the members of Congress by shouting “Shame on you!”, she resumed her sentence by asking how many other people’s children they are willing to sacrifice for this “so-called” noble cause. Then she led to crowd chanting “Not one more.”

The demonstration marched past the White House which is a remarkable fact since this hasn’t been allowed since the Oklahoma bombings in 1995. The crowd of over 100,000 protesters demonstrated for a marathon 12 hours, an astonishing result.

Compared to the anti-war rally the pro-war rally held on Sunday was almost non-existent. Where the event organizers projected a crowd of 20,000 protesters for the Sunday pro-war demonstration, only a sad amount of 500 people actually appeared at the east side of the National Mall. Greatly disappointing to say the least!

The contributors to the pro-war rally were remarkable. Among the speakers were a woman who lost her husband in the Iraq war and an U.S. soldier who lost his legs in Iraq. The essence of the message was that these rallies will have a negative impact on the troops and will provide hope for the enemy.

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