Iraqi Insurgents Myth Busted

by Writer Team | September 23, 2005 11:52 am

Yet another lie revealed

WASHINGTON, September 23 – The Washington-based think tank Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) has revealed that the U.S. and Iraq government are false in stating that the number of foreign insurgents is “huge” and that most of them are Saudi’s. They released a report which featured in “The Guardian” saying that foreign terrorists are not the backbone of the insurgents, yet only four to ten percent of the insurgents are foreign. The total estimated amount of insurgents in Iraq is about 30,000 to date.

They also devastated the reports that most of these foreign insurgents come from Saudi Arabia, the list that CSIS composed is as follows: “Algerians are the largest group (20 percent), followed by Syrians (18 percent), Yemenis (17 percent), Sudanese (15 percent), Egyptians (13 percent), Saudis (12 percent) and those from other states (5 percent).” CSIS compiled this report from various intelligence services in the Gulf region.

The report also reveals that most of the militants were not radicalized before the invasion of Iraq but became terrorists because of the coalition that invaded Iraq. They are repulsed by the idea that an Arab country is occupied by a non-Arab country and the catalyst that encourages them to fight the troops consist mainly from the horrible images of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

The report shines light on the fact that the insurgents are not Hussein-loyalists at all but simply Sunnis who do not trust a Shiite-led government. Concerns are raised over the many foreign fighters ho return to their home countries after gaining vast amounts of terrorist knowledge. It is believed that these newly acquired skills like the ability to make bombs, engage in armed combat and the “real world” terrorist experience will be used to terrorize European countries and perhaps even the United States.

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