Bush Nominates Roberts For Chief Justice

by Writer Team | September 5, 2005 12:37 pm

In less that 36 hours!

WASHINGTON, September 5 – In a swift move not more than 36 hours after the announcement that Rehnquist had passed away Bush moved Roberts forward to be the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Many believe he’s trying to get a decade long grip in the Supreme Court by nominating this relatively young judge, Roberts is only 50-years old.

Roberts hit the news in July after his nomination for a “simpler” associate judge position in the Supreme Court. Many battled over his beliefs immediately but no “organized” opposition has occurred yet. His confirmation hearings were going to be tough, but now being nominated to lead the Supreme Court these confirmation hearings will be even more important. It is believed Roberts is a strong opposite of the legendary Roe vs. Wade ruling and it is expected that he will overthrow it as soon as he takes office.

Bush now has another spot to fill, that of the associate judge position Roberts was originally nominated for, left by retiring judge Sandra Day O’Connor. Bush said he will come up with another nominee in “a timely manner”. His lightning fast decision on Rehnquist’s replacement has been dubbed as a way to shed his “indecisive” image after the catastrophe in New Orleans.

Source URL: https://www.newsinsider.org/190/bush-nominates-roberts-for-chief-justice/