Bush Acknowledges Government Failed to Act Swiftly in New Orleans

by Writer Team | September 3, 2005 7:04 am

Isn’t he a regular genius?

MOBILE, September 3 – Probably struck by a second of brilliance President Bush admitted there were shortcomings in providing adequate aid in the devastated area of New Orleans. Also, as always, he vowed to make changes to the system making sure this will not happen again and of course find the persons responsible for this. This hero-talk came after the President visited the obliterated cities, faced with helpless people and devastation beyond imagination.

The $10.5bn emergency help is only a “small down payment” in a bigger scheme to rebuild the once so glorious jazz capital, Bush said. He dismissed the calls from many to withdraw troops from Iraq and use the funds to maintain that war to rebuild the areas that were hit by hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile in Washington the Democratic National Committee spokesperson Karen Finney raised an interesting point, “Why is it that President Bush was able to send food and supplies to Afghanistan the same day our invasion began, but it has taken five days to even begin to send supplies to New Orleans?”, she asked.

The estimated death toll for this terrible disaster has been tweaked to an unbelievable level, officials now believe around 10,000 people were killed over the last week because of the hurricane and the lack of support thereafter. If this is true that would even make 9/11 look like a “small” incident, although the nature of that horrible event is not comparable to this.

Source URL: https://www.newsinsider.org/188/bush-acknowledges-government-failed-to-act-swiftly-in-new-orleans/