UK Shoot-to-kill Policy Questioned After Innocent Man is Killed

by Writer Team | August 18, 2005 10:13 am

Shooting on 22nd of July still a mystery

LONDON, August 18 – Lawyers for the family of a Brazilian man killed by police nearly a month ago have demanded clarity on the matter. Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead on the 22nd of July by policemen, first indications suggested he was wearing a padded jacket, hurdled a barrier, ignored police instructions and then ran to get on a train. Reports leaked to ITV this week show an entirely different story, De Menezes was wearing a denim jacket, not padded, he also did not jump over any barriers nor ignore any instructions by the police. He only picked up a free newspaper and then ran for the train as it came into the station, probably in a hurry to catch it to get home in time.

The entire situation is incredibly embarrassing for the Metropolitan Police and of course a tragedy to the family of the Brazilian electrician. The family has now demanded to get more information on what actually took place that unfortunate day and asked the Independent Police Complaints Commission to speed up its’ investigation so they can get the answers they want. More and more public figures are also demanding a public inquiry about the matter so the general public knows what happened too.

Chances are the raddled nerves of the policemen in question, combined with the chaos of the past two terror attacks triggered an unfortunate incident, chalking another victim up to the terrorist attacks.

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