London Bombings Due to Support in Iraq War

by Writer Team | July 31, 2005 9:02 am

Suspect in Rome spills the beans

ROME, July 31 – The suspect of the failed bombings on July 21st who fled to Rome and was apprehended there this week has finally talked. His lawyer, Antonietta Sonnessa, released a statement on his behalf featuring very interesting points. He has declared that the reason of the bombings is Britain’s large support to the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the successful attack two weeks earlier.

Although prime minister Blair is doing everything to contradict this, since he is considered to be Bush’s lapdog, it is a very valid and logical reason. The suspect also shared that they would meet up at the leader’s house and watch videos of the Iraqi war regularly, focusing mainly on women and children being killed and the incredible grief of everything. This, along with the largely successful attack on the public transit system two weeks earlier, convinced them to try and repeat the success although some reports suggest they didn’t intend any casualties, just chaos.

PM Blair is heavily dismissing any statement that Britain’s role in the Iraq war has anything to do with the terrorist attack, because this would be hurtful for his position. Two so-called British think tanks disagree with him though, urging that the large support in this war and the Afghanistan offensive has made them extra valuable targets, extremely interesting to the terrorists.

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