Profiles of the London Bombers

by Writer Team | July 14, 2005 5:53 pm

More and more information emerges

LONDON, July 14 – As police release more and more information on the four suspected suicide bombers we can now establish informative profiles on each of them. Let’s take a look one by one.

First up is Shahzad Tanweer, 22 years old and a student of Leeds Metropolitan University where he studied sports science and got particularly interested in cricket. He died during the suicide attack on a subway train near Aldgate station. No serious criminal record existed of Shahzad and he was actually very beloved in his community.

Second is Habib Hussain, 18 years old and attendee of the local Matthew Murray high school. Allegedly his serious interest in the Islam began two years ago, the most serious offense he was arrested for was disorderly behaviour. He is held responsible for the bombing on the double-decker bus on Tavistock Square and the police released an image of him taken by a CCTV camera as he passed Luton train station wearing a backpack.

Third on the list is Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30 years old and only recently a resident of West Yorkshire. He has not yet been named an official suspect by the police but media believe his documents are the ones police officials are talking about which were found in at the Edgware subway bombing as well as the Aldgate site. There is no evidence yet that he is indeed the third suicide bomber as it isn’t even confirmed that he died in any of the explosions.

Fourth is Lindsey Germaine, BBC and SkyNews have identified the Jamaican-born as the fourth bomber who likely died in the blast between King’s Cross and Russell Square. No further information is available on this suspect.

The man believed to be the mastermind behind this terror attack is still at large. Reports indicate this might be the Egyptian-born academic Magdy Asi el-Nashar who recently did biochemical research at the Leeds University. He has been missing from campus since early July and it is believed that he already left the country.

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