Al Qaeda in California

by Writer Team | June 9, 2005 3:43 am

Authorities in Lodi California announced Wednesday that earlier this week they arrested 47 year old Umer Hayat and 22 year old Hamid Hayat both of Lodi. The two were charged with lying to FBI Terrorist Investigators. The father and son co-accused have not been charged with terrorist involvement, although its alleged the son attended an al Qaeda training camp in Pakistan.

Two others in Lodi California were also arrested on immigration violations they were Muslim leaders Muhammed Adil Khan and Shabbir Ahmed , but authorities did not imply any connection with them to the Hayat’s.

FBI special agent Keith Slotter said at the press conference Wednesday “We believe through our investigation that various individuals connected to al Qaeda have been operating in the Lodi area in various capacities,” and also mentioned it included “individuals who have received terrorist training abroad, with the specific intent to initiate a terrorist attack in the United States and to harm Americans and our institutions.”

Allthough no plans or weapons were found with the arrest and follow up searches the youngest Hayat admits that he recieved anti american training in a Pakistan Alqeada Camp, while on vacation visiting his grandfather.

Both Hayats are official US Citizens and Hamid Hayat was born in California.

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