Michael Jackson Confident about Verdict

by Writer Team | June 6, 2005 11:32 pm

Reverend Jesse Jackson is saying that Michael Jackson does not feel offended in relations to his appellant but does feel bad for those who were disloyal towards him and appeared as witnesses against him. Jackson says Michael considers that he will be set free if the jury follows orders relating to sensible doubts.

The pop star “declares his innocent in the most private session” says Rev.Jackson who has been speaking with the singer during the hearings in court

Jackson says the pop star feels that people he trusted, people he employed, and people he thought he was being kind to, have been disloyal towards him.

The Reverend says the defendant, on the other hand is not upset at his complainant but “speaks of the injustice of the sheriff”. The Pop singer feels that the law has had a ten year obsession with him.

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