Liz Hurley Caught Trying to Have Sex on Plane

by user | March 20, 2005 10:06 pm

Witnesses are telling Australian news that Liz Hurley was trying to join the mile-high club on a recent British Airways flight
Witnesses and crew members on a British Airways flight are reporting that the lovely Elizabeth Hurley tried to get a bit too friendly with her millionaire lover Arun Nayar. The first class cabin off their newest planes contain beds for passengers to sleep in. And apparently, they are roomy enough for two.

It started with a lingering goodnight kiss, but turned a bit more intimate as Hurley reportedly slid under the covers with Nayar and wrapped her arms around him. At that point, a passing crew member coughed at them to make them aware that they were not alone.

A British Airways spokesperson said, “She was all over him and the crew were worried that, unless someone coughed, the pair would have joined the mile-high club and be in a class of their own.

“In the end there was no bonking but it was a close call. Once she knew that people had seen her, Liz got out from under his duvet and returned to hers.”

Hurley’s publicist denied the story was true, claiming that Hurley wasn’t even on the plane, but sources at New York’s Kennedy airport remember them boarding the flight.

One way or the other, with beds on airplanes, our dreams of flying whore houses are only a stone’s throw away from becoming a reality.

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